WTR 1000 2024

Marks IP Law Firm is reliable, cost effective and prompt. The practitioners adapt well to clients who have a risk management approach and outline all possible courses of action at once. They provide seamless collaboration, regardless of cultural and language differences.” Debuting in the WTR 1000 2024 rankings, Marks IP Law Firm is a trademark-focused boutique practice established in 2016. Based in Osaka, the outfit has made a name for itself as a provider of high-quality, customer-centric services.

Founding partner Masaki Mikami is well versed in prosecution and disputes matters, and a skilful negotiator. Aside from 20 years in the trademark world, his decade of experience in global marketing for Mitsubishi Electric has enabled him to understand and anticipate the commercial needs of his patrons, and act as a successful negotiator on their behalf. “Mr Mikami is deeply knowledgeable of trademark law in Japan. Mindful of reaching the clients’ objectives and providing the best service possible, he takes pride in his work and is a dedicated collaborator. Mr Mikami is always quick to provide all requested quotes and work within the quoted price. He communicates efficiently and clearly explains the nuances of the local practice, so that it is easy to understand for foreign counsel and clients.”