Marks IP delivered the result we wanted!

We used Google, typing search terms like “Trademark” + “Japan”. Marks IP communicates in English and offers service to international customers. We crosscheck your LinkedIn account, for insight into your ethics and values. Marks IP is in Osaka, and people in Osaka have a reputation for being practical and good at business. I have been to Osaka and know the culture of the city. Yes, I believe Mark IP is worth rating “Better than expected” for the following reasons.
1. Speedy answers to our inquiries; 2. Clear communication in perfect English; 3. Marks IP quoted a reasonable price for the job; 4. Marks IP delivered the result we wanted.

I recommend MARKS IP to other people.

Victor Young, Director

I am sure to recommend MARKS IP to others!

I found about your firm “MARKS IP LAW FIRM” on Google by making some research and contacting 5 firms before deciding who to go with. I chose MARKS IP out of the 5 firms I spoke to because speaking to Masaki he was very fast at replying, his replies were on point and the cost was also within our budget. I trusted MARKS IP could do a good job. I am really confident your service is worth rating as “better-than-expected”. Dealing with IP firms in different jurisdictions, I was really pleased with how MARKS handled our case. I am sure to recommend MARKS IP to others!

Steffi Ohayon

Masaki to steer you in the right direction

Masaki serves as counsel for all of my firm’s Japanese trademark matters and I am continually impressed with his clear advice and astute judgment. He is an expert on Japanese trademark law and is always knowledgeable about the latest updates in the IP field. If you need cogent advice on Japanese IP matters, I highly recommend Masaki to steer you in the right direction and provide you with optimal results.


Honest assessment of the client’s situation

Masaki Mikami is a brilliant attorney and will always provide an honest assessment of the client’s situation. I have enjoyed working with him on trademark matters.

Becki C. Lee

Hardest working and most dedicated people

Masaki Mikami is a consummate professional who is very detail-oriented and has excellent follow-through.
He is always very responsive, efficient, knowledgeable, professional, and reliable.
He is without question one of the hardest working and most dedicated people I have had the privilege to work with.
I highly recommend this person without reservation.


Puts clients’ needs on priority

It is pleasure of working with Masaki. He is experienced in Trademark law and always puts clients’ needs on priority.


We would rate your service as very good.

MARKS IP LAW FIRM has been recommended to us by one of our historical partners here in Paris. It was the main reason for choosing your firm.

Since the beginning of our relationship, we have been confident about the service and advice you provided us with.
We would rate your service as very good.

I recommend MARKS IP LAW FIRM to others

Virginie Chabran