Trademark Renewals

Trademark registration is effective for 10 years from the date of registration in Japan. Trademark may be renewed during the 6-month period prior to the expiration of its term OR within a 6-month grace period after the mark expired. A statutory fee is variable depending on the timing of a request, namely JPY 32,900 per class for pre-expiration, and JP65,800 per class for the grace period. Renewal will extend the registration for an additional 10 years from the date of the expiration.

Even after the grace period, the Japan Trademark Law allows the revival of trademark registration on the condition that:

  1. Registrant applies for a revival before the lapse of one year from the expiry date
  2. Registrant was not able to request renewal during the grace period due to a cause not attributable to the registrant, and
  3. A revival application was filed within two months from the date of extinguishing such cause

The JPO does not remind trademark holders of the need to make maintenance or renewal filings.

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