Trademark Portfolio Management

Trademark Portfolio Management (TPM) is the proper, punctual, and strategic management of all legal processes related to a trademark/service mark ranging from its registration and maintenance to complete protection in Japan. Thus, impeccable and efficient TPM services enable clients to keep the business related with its trademark secure and profitable always.

MARKS IP Law Firm can help manage deadlines, make filings, and counsel clients on how to best maintain strong trademark protection for your valuable assets in Japan and internationally. We work with clients to recognize, register, and protect trademarks. Sometimes clients might have valuable rights that they are leaving on the table – for example, distinctive product packaging, Color combinations, Sounds, Motion, Hologram, etc. In the right circumstances, all of these things can be used and registered as trademarks and MARKS IP Law Firm can help you recognize and develop these rights.

Under the broad gamut of our TPM services, the following major and ancillary services are covered:

  • All involved activities and tasks related with Japanese and International registrations of trademarks and service marks under all 45 classes of the Nice classification
  • Punctual renewals of registered trademarks and service-marks
  • Trademark watch and monitoring
  • Trademark oppositions
  • ADR related with a trademark/service-mark
  • Trademark infringement litigation
  • Trademark prosecutions for various objectives
  • Trademark due diligence related with acquisition, hiring, sale, or purchase of any registered trademark or service-mark
  • Restoration of removed trademarks from trademark register

MARKS IP Law Firm has a well-established network of specialized trademark attorneys, IP specialists, and best-friend law firms, in over 120 jurisdictions. We have provided a truly global service for the management of our client’s brands – we regularly advise a range of global trademark portfolio owners, in various sectors, in relation to the maintenance and enforcement of their trademarks around the world.

Our recent experience includes:

  • Managing Japan and worldwide trade mark portfolios
  • Providing global trade mark watching services
  • The searching and clearance of new trade marks, the filing and prosecution of trade mark applications both in Japan and overseas
  • Dealing with any third-party trade mark disputes (e.g., trade mark oppositions/cancellation actions) and the renewal of trade mark registrations and other maintenance issues

Well-resourced and well-experienced, MARKS IP Law Firm has been undertaking TPM services for past years to benefit our Japanese and foreign clients doing business/service in Japan and abroad. The qualities, which make our TPM services excellent and reliable, are up-to-date and expert knowledge, punctiliousness and efficiency, reasonable service charges, Japanese and International service coverage, and generous policies for its old and regular clients.