Trademark Enforcement / Litigation

Infringement of your trademark can damage your company’s reputation. If you do not enforce your trademark rights against infringers in a timely manner, you may lose your right to do so over time. MARKS IP Law Firm can help you guard against the damaging effects of infringement and can help you protect your trademark rights against third-party infringement, cyber-squatting, or false advertising.

With MARKS IP Law Firm, you have a seasoned and skilled IP attorney with a sufficient record of enforcing trademark rights both without litigation and in litigation. Our trial experience in big cases ensures that our clients ‘concepts and business strategies meet the mark in the courtroom. Allow us to put our extensive legal experience to work for your important business interests.

If you seek to resolve trademark disputes without litigation, Arbitration may give the parties ultimate control over the outcome of an IP dispute. Arbitration is private, confidential. We can represent in trademark disputes to apply for Arbitration before the Japan IP Arbitration Center.

When your competitors are engaging in unfair competition using false or deceptive trade practices or exploiting the goodwill of your registered or unregistered trademark, we know how to protect your rights under the Unfair Competition Law in Japan.

Fighting piracy and counterfeiting is one of our greatest strengths. Our full range of targeted, proactive anti-counterfeiting services and solutions is designed to help clients prevent and eliminate counterfeiting, offering critical protection for their brands. MARKS IP Law Firm can coordinate investigations of possible counterfeiting to develop the necessary evidence to support enforcement of our client’s rights in Japan and Asia.
We also coordinate with a network of global partners to help intercept the flow of counterfeit goods into Japan or wherever they may be found, as well as pursue the ultimate manufacturers to stop counterfeiting at its source. In attacking piracy abroad, we work with clients to customize enforcement strategies to take into account different laws, enforcement mechanisms, governmental resources.
MARKS IP Law Firm can record client trademarks with Japanese Customs and customs services in other jurisdictions, and assist those agencies when suspected counterfeits are detected.