Trademark Litigation

MARKS IP Law Firm represents a wide variety of cases. Regardless of the nature of your case, our attorney will represent you with professionalism and passion.
Below are examples of achievement for domestic trademark litigations to what we are entrusted.

Awarding Highest damages at the High Court 
Our attorney, Masaki MIKAMI had experience to file a trademark infringement lawsuit on behalf of a Japanese confectionery company in the Osaka District Court and consequently succeeded in awarding damages exceeding  JPY 51 million (approximately USD 500,000) for trademark infringement which ranks at the highest damages ruled by the Japan High Court (2013).
Landmark decision at the Supreme Court of Japan: 
MIKAMI once appeared before the Supreme Court as a representative of Japanese educational institute in a dispute regarding interpretation of Article 4(1)(viii) of the Japan Trademark Law. The ruling by the Supreme Court clarified significance of the article and corrected misinterpretation by inferior courts.