Overseas Case

MARKS IP Law Firm aggressively represents a wide variety of clients struggling to expand business into overseas markets. Our attorney’s  extensive experience in trademark law practice for more than 2,200 trademark matters over 120 countries, combined with global marketing experience, makes it possible to achieve clients’ goal in a most desirable, effective, and cost-saving time way.
Below are examples of achievement for overseas trademark cases to what we are entrusted.

China: IP High Court decision (2017)
We succeeded in invalidating fraudulent trademark registrations before the IP High Court in collaboration with Chinese IP law firm. Disputed marks were owned by a Chinese individual (During the court proceeding, they were assigned to a Chinese business entity). The owner registered two trademarks written in Chinese character (Kanji). One is for “A”, the other is “BC”. ABC is to simplify each Kanji of the marks for explanation purpose. What problem was the combination of ABC corresponds to our client’s trade name and registered trademark in China. It surprised us that field investigation revealed the owner used “ABC” on label, but putting registered symbol in a small size between A and BC.   
USA: USPTO Opposition decision (2018)
We could survive a prolonged opposition battle filed by a US business entity against our client’s trademark. Opponent argued a likelihood of confusion and dilution based on senior use in the US for more than 80 years. Our client filed the trademark via the Madrid Protocol on an intent to use (1B) application basis.
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